Albert D. Lawton defended its Geo Bee title with a second-straight championship May 12 at the VPA State Geo Bee Championships held at Northfield High School.

The team battled two other regional winners – Orleans Elementary School (Barton) and Albert Bridge School (Windsor) – through 12 extremely difficult rounds to win their second title in two years.

Longtime ADL Humanities teacher Peter Gustafson is the Geo Bee Coach for the Chargers.  ” I am so proud of our team for meeting the challlenge and winning their second straight Geo Bee title in a row.  In the 35 year history of the VPA Geo Bee competition this has only happened once before,” he said in a news release.

Competing on the stage for the ADL Champions were 6th graders Jonathon Tupaj and Normal Lamaichane, 7th graders Katie Adams and Keegan Jewell and 8th graders Kaito Esselstrom and Sophia Smith.

Other members of the State Champion Charger Geo Bee team include: Tekla Holm Brown(7), Riley Ashe(6), Braden Cummings(8), Eamon Kemerer(7), Theordore Sopchak(6)  Shankha Mitra(7) and team manager Alexis Lyman(7).

“We  could never have won today without our entire team working hard for 5 months,” Gustafon said in a news release.