Albert D. Lawton sixth-grader Ronja Norstrom recently won Vermont/Upstate New York Barnes & Noble essay contest, an annual contest is open to students in middle school and high school.

The topic was “My Favorite Teacher.” Ronja decided to write her essay about her homeroom teacher, Peter Gustafson. Her essay was not only selected by the Barnes & Noble store in South Burlington, but her essay advanced to a regional contest that covered New Hampshire, Maine and the greater Boston region.

In her essay, Ronja incorporated the ancient Greek rhetorical devices of ethos, logos,and pathos, which she learned at home from her dad in second grade, and pointed out that Mr. G (as he’s called at ADL) has a great deal of knowledge about various subjects, including as a coach of track & field, and that he teaches valuable life lessons to his students. She also wrote that Mr. G has a great sense of humor and makes student laugh. 

Barnes & Noble awarded Ronja with a book, gift certificate, pen and certificate for her winning essay

Her essay has now advanced to the regional finals with results pending as of The Reporter’s deadline. She will advance to nationals if she wins there.