A rebuttal to Mr. Lynn’s perspective
The truth is that the biggest, most influential entity is not Donald Trump “dissing” the press. It is Hollywood movies, educational institutions and the internet. All of these are controlled by left-leaning politicos for the last 50 years. Movie producer Rob Reiner, also known as “Meathead” on the ’70s hit show “All in the Family,” knows this first hand. That comedy show did more to expose and change the next generations views on people of color, religion and prejudice than just about anything except Martin Luther King himself. That is why Reiner and his colleagues were so afraid of Tim Allen’s show and Rosanne’s show. The battle ground for the minds of our youth is the media and the left doesn’t want to relinquish a monopoly that they’ve had for decades.

Today, China, a true dictatorial regime, owns controlling interests in most major Hollywood studios that shape our outlook of the world through the big screen. Silicon Valley icons Google and Facebook have now committed to be based in China for what they say are tax reasons. In turn they must provide algorithms that discriminate against dissidence and punish them with a risk assessment social score that will be used against them when applying for work or loans. This is more insidious than what Hitler’s parliament did by passing laws against Jews to prevent them from owning businesses, entering higher education or owning firearms. It’s also true that Russia has proliferated the web to influence. The antidote is not to censor this activity but to provide more debate and more opposing views (i.e. Infowars, Daily Caller, Drudge etc.) so our citizens can evaluate and vet for themselves what is verifiable. The days of handing Walter Cronkite bulletins to let us know that JFK was shot by a lone gunman are over.

Centralized control of the free press is the enemy of the people and that is Trump’s message. Twitter is a weapon for individualism. His tweets attack journalist’s behavior. But I don’t see a journalist going to jail or being IRS audited. I did see that under previous administrations, i.e. Dinesh D’Souza. Furthermore, I do not see Trump supporters hunting down their counterparts harassing them in restaurants, and in gas stations or shooting people on baseball fields. Trump’s latest “transgression” is taking away [former CIA director John] Brennan’s security clearance. For the life of me, I don’t know why all deposed officials should keep those privileges. I don’t get to keep my access badge the day after I was no longer employed at IBM? If the current CIA director wants info from Brennan, Brennan would not need his clearance to give that information. It’s akin to our health care HIPPA laws. After the bank bailouts, legislators passed Todd-Frank which led to more regulation which only burdened small banks and led to them being absorbed by the big guys strangling needed competition. Trump’s credo is individualism over collectivism. He relishes in breaking down regulation barriers for the little guy so they can compete with the giants in the industry. John D. Rockefeller once said “competition is a sin.” It’s essential for capitalism to work.

And that is why Trump is hated so much by the elite. I think Angelo Lynn wants to be the Walter Cronkite of the 21st century, but I’m not buying it!

Ron Coppola
Essex Jct.


Sen. Sirotkin says thanks
Thanks to all Chittenden County voters in Tuesday’s primary. I was very glad to see the pundits proven wrong in that the turnout was far greater than predicted.

Obviously, I am also thankful for the support I received from so many of you in my bid to be re- elected to the Vermont State Senate. I am eager, should I be re–elected in November, to hit the ground running to continue with my work in promoting and protecting the interests of Vermont consumers and working families.

Thank you again.

Sen. Michael Sirotkin, Chittenden District
Chairman, Senate Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs Committee


Myers appreciates support
I want to thank everyone who went to the polls on primary day, August 14. It was great seeing so many Essex residents going to vote. I also want to thank everyone who voted for me and stopped to talk to me. I look forward to seeing you in November.

Rep. Linda Myers
Chittenden 8-1/Essex


Giambatista, Houghton thank voters
Thank you to everyone who voted in last Tuesday’s Primary Election! Local turnout was greater than many expected, which was a pleasant surprise during this busy time of summer. We were honored to receive broad support from neighbors who voted at the high school. Thank you for your confidence, and for the privilege to serve as your state representatives.

You will see us out knocking on doors and attending events as we approach the Nov. 6 election. To ensure we connect with as many neighbors as possible, we have scheduled two community conversations to hear from village residents. Please join us and share your thoughts about our community and state. All meetings are free and open to the public:

Community Conversation – Monday, Sept. 17 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Essex Senior Center at 2 Lincoln St.

Community Coffee – Saturday, Oct. 27 from 9-10 a.m. at the Nest Coffee and Bakery at 17 Main St.

We’ve held numerous community forums since voters elected us in 2016. These open-ended conversations are a chance for us to hear where you stand on the issues. Please join us and let us know what you want from your State Representatives. We look forward to chatting with you in the months ahead.

If you want to connect before the September meeting, please reach out anytime. We can be reached at dgiambatista@leg.state.vt.us or at lhoughton@leg.state.vt.us.

Reps. Dylan Giambatista & Lori Houghton