The Essex Reporter Limerick contest


We had a lot of submissions this year for our 2nd annual limerick contest. The staff had a tough time choosing just 5 poems to print; this community is definitely in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit already!

Check out this year’s winners:


One time in a place called Kentucky,

A chicken felt very unlucky.

Then the farmer came out,

And beyond any doubt,

That chicken is no longer clucky.

Zachary Wade 
Essex High School

Oh, March is when I must confess

Our daylight saving causes stress

Full moon can be bad

But even more mad

Two weeks to adjust I would guess

Amy Mulligan

His wife demanded a nurse

said her husband “This is the worst!”

Because as he knew

and of course she did too

that the nurse would come from his purse

Megan Shields 


There once was a fiscal cliff looming

The politicians, their voices were booming

But they said have no fear

The solution is clear

Leprechauns’ pots of gold will appear

Lucille McClure 
Essex Junction

There once was a man with some toast,

he liked it more than most;

he spread on some jam

and paired it with ham;

then went to his neighbors to boast.

Christopher Leow 
Essex High School


Smliling CloverAll 5 winners will receive an

Essex Reporter t-shirt,

printed by Humble Screen

Printing in Colchester!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 


And, of course, this contest was a great excuse for the staff here to pen their own poetry for the occasion. Take a look at some staff-written stanzas:

Bring out the jugs for the Saint!

But don’t drink so much that you faint.

The Irish are cool

With their suds in a pool

But here in the states, we ain’t.

Jason Starr

Once there was a four-leafed-clover,

That was afraid of the mower.

It ducked and hid,

And it certainly did,

Survive until it was over.

Elsie Lynn

The request was emailed around 3

“Someone write a limerick for me!”

What could I do?

I had to come through

Hence the feeble effort you see.  

Wendy Ewing