The bathroom quest continues…

Part two of Advertising Representative, Kelly Malone’s bout with Spring Home Improvement.

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The last 7 years of my life I have been living in apartments.  I have made compromises to save money and settled for apartments due to timing. Which has helped me learn a few things:

  • Maximize your storage space


  • You can’t always get what you want.

This is why I had to replace the bathroom vanity. Forget the ugliness of that honey color and the crazy dysfunctional trifold medicine cabinet.  I couldn’t fit all my bathroom stuff into the bathroom. Half of it was in the hallway closet!

After looking around for a vanity I quickly learned that they are expensive and the top drawers are always fake.

With my budget I simply couldn’t afford to spend $500 on a vanity! I was torn between settling for a generic white vanity and splurging on a beautiful over-budget one.

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

Then it happened.

At Home Depot, I stumbled upon this amazing, 3-drawer, previously-returned, diamond-in-the- rough. To my surprise all 3 of the drawers worked and it was super affordable. There was no question. I had found my new vanity. I immediately brought it to the register and claimed my prize.

Next up: I had to maximize my storage space.

To have the most storage possible in my little bathroom, I also had to find a medicine cabinet. Hanging a matching mirror just wasn’t going to be enough.  Since I had saved money with my vanity purchase, there was some wiggle room on the price. But who wants to spend when they can save?

I checked out the local reuse centers and the dump only to come up empty handed. With time running out, I decided to have another look at the discount sections where I had found the vanity. Just my luck, I found a medicine cabinet reduced down to $30. No dings, dents or broken pieces, either!

After a fresh coat of paint, a bit of cleaning and nearly two weeks of brushing my teeth in the kitchen, I finally was able to install a new vanity and medicine cabinet.

What’s left? Some ceiling paint and minor tile repair. My new bathroom is almost a reality!