Mcmahon, Bulakowski sit atop Maple Street 5K standings

Halfway through the Maple Street 5K series, Kevin Mcmahon and Adam Bulakowski lead the pack of runners with both coming away with a first and second place finish.

After Bulakowski took the first race, Mcmahon won the second race May 14 with a time of 19 minutes, 15 seconds. He now sits with 19 points in the series after coming away with second on May 7.

Bulakowski finished in second with a time of 20:38.5, which put him in a tie with Mcmahon with 19 points.

Todd Archambault sits in third place after back-to-back third-place finishes. He finished the May 14 race with a time of 20:45.3.

Peter Sloan sits in fourth placed with 14 points after finishing fourth for the second week in a row after posting a time of 20:54.9.

Tracy Benedict is leading the women’s division after posting a first and second place finish for the women. She was the second woman to cross the finish line on May 14 with a time of 24:04. She has 19 points.

Lynn Holcomb was the first female to cross on May 14, earning 10 points. She finished with a time of 21:34, which was fifth overall in the race.

Erin Carter currently sits in second of the women’s division with 17 points. After a second-place finish in the first race, she came in third during the second race. She finished with a time of 24:13, which was ninth overall in the race.

After a race on Wednesday, the series will wrap up on May 28.


Points Leaders
As of May 20

Men’s Division

1.) Kevin McMahon             19

1.) Adam Bulakowski          19

3.) Todd Archambault        16

4.) Peter Sloan                    14

5.) Michael Lander              14

Women’s Division

1.) Tracy Benedict            19

2.) Erin Carter                   17

3.) Alissa Wilson              12

4.) Shilo Combs               10

4.) Lynn Holcomb            10