Volleyball teams sweep


By Cameron Miller
For The Essex Reporter

Friday night was senior night for both the Essex High School boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams. The boys took on Enosburg Falls while the girls were up against Mid Vermont Christian Academy. The successful volleyball program in Essex showcased their talent as the boys and girls won their matches in three sets.

Boys’ Volleyball

The boys’ volleyball team dominated Enosburg Falls as they their team chemistry was on full display. During the first set the Hornets took the 7-3 lead when junior Spencer Sochin blocked an Enosburg spike and sophomore Ian Audette answered with a spike of his own. Sochin and Audette would connect again for the set point when Sochin set up Audette for the spike that gave the Hornets the 25-11 win.

The Hornets did not let up after the first set as they began the second set with a 6-0 lead that they would not let slip away. Enosburg looked as they were building a comeback but junior Scot Lyon had a different idea as he made a great dig that lead to a powerful spike by sophomore Caleb Root. The Hornets won the second set 25-13.

“We were able to stay focused throughout the entire match,” said head coach Karen Chesser in a phone interview Monday morning.

In the third set the Hornets, once again, jumped out to a massive lead. They led Enosburg 14-2. Head coach Karen Chesser and her Hornets never let off the gas pedal as they would take the third set 25-10.

The Hornets controlled play throughout all three sets which left Chesser pleased with the level at which her team is playing.

“I think we played above out level,” Chesser said. “I feel like we are playing at a very high level.”

Girls’ Volleyball

The girls’ volleyball team had a three game sweep of their own however their path to get there was different. The Hornets struggled to get a lead over Mid Vermont as they found themselves battling from behind throughout the first set. The momentum of the first set shifted in the Hornets favor when junior Taylor Truax served to consecutive aces to tie the set at 11. The Hornets would take the first set 25-18.

The Hornets put themselves in a hole to start the second set as they found themselves trailing 7-1. A displeased head coach Karen Chesser called a timeout to slow things down and get her team back into the set. The Hornets came out of the timeout and scored three straight points to tighten the score to 7-4. The Honets finally took the lead,18-17, in the second set with a great spike by junior Emily Goodrich. This set was a constant back and forth battle, however the Hornets did come out on top with the 25-20 win.

The Hornets falling behind has in sets has been something Chesser has been working on with her players.

“We have been working on it quite often,” Chesser said. “Our ability to come back has improved 110 percent since the beginning of the season.”

The third set brought a better start for the Hornets as they jumped out to the 11-5 lead. Much like the two previous sets, Mid Vermont would not let the game get out of their reach as they got the score to 18-15. The Hornets’ resiliency would prove to be too much for Mid Vermont as they would take the third set by a score of 25-17.

Chesser credits the three set win by the Hornets to their ability to play through adversity.

“We limited the unforced errors,” Chesser said. “We have gotten a lot better at staying focused.”