Sports Shorts

by Joe Gonillo

As much as I try to hold on to a grip of summer, it is slowly slipping away. In-service begins Wednesday, and…the first day of school is next week. Pools are closing, scrimmages are being played, and The Fair opens this weekend. It’s not even Labor Day!

EHS sports

Fall sports have begun for all high school teams. By the end of the week most teams should be set. Some have or will scrimmage to help evaluate talent. Saturday sees the football team hosting Milford, N.H., while the girls’ soccer team hosts its annual preseason jamboree. Might need a ref or two for that one.


The VPA is at it again. Our sports and extra-curricular activities governing body has spoken. I am not sure why, but they ruled unanimously that high school student-athletes can also compete and practice with an out-of-school team…during their season. Make sense?  It’s enough to deal with all the AAU hoop and club soccer going on during the school year. (Ever have an AAU or club soccer coach tell you or your son/daughter that all they have to do is play their sport 360 days a year, and they would not only start on varsity, but also get a college scholarship!  A couple of years ago an AAU team practiced on EASTER!) Now the policy allows for a student-athlete to play the same sport in-season. They did leave implementation to individual schools stating the obvious that the high school team takes priority over a non-school team. Look out!


MLB pennant races are heating up. The 2nd Wild Card has extended the life of about 10 teams.The NFL season is closing in on us as well. Just as important in people’s lives is the start and draft of their Fantasy Football seasons.

Personal notes  

Congratulations to the Barcombs on the birth of Evan Samuel, who arrived on big brother Cade’s second birthday on Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. He weighed in at 8 pounds and stretched 20.5 inches.

Happy birthday to my brother-in-law Dale Lavalley; a Dallas Cowboy and Red Sox fan. One out of two is not bad. Also happy birthday wishes to my wife Tina who celebrates Sunday. We are planning an outing at the fair with our nieces, a movie and dinner, and a surprise or two. We spent some time in Connecticut last weekend and got to see, play and swim with our beautiful granddaughter, Gianna. I am getting to know my way around Stamford and its pizza places. Sadly, my daughter-in-law, Karen lost her dad suddenly, but she has an incredibly strong, close, and supportive Italian family. Tony (SMC grad) will be missed.