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Life of Pi… no not the movie


life-of-pi-book-coverIf you were ever taunted as a child “Life of Pi” will resonate with you in the opening pages when protagonist Piscine Molitor Patel is hailed “Pissing.” I myself was “Elsie the Cow.” Immediately more intelligent than me, Piscine reclaims his identity by adopting his own nickname: Pi.

The story winds through three main sections: a certain beginning set mainly in an Indian zoo, a fantastical middle complete with a shipwreck, castaway and Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, and an upsettingly practical end… like all good fantasies.

The novel, first published in 2001 by author Yann Martel, is described as “The closest one comes to God.” Failing a divine connection for some, the novel most definitely explores spirituality during Pi’s 227-days stranded on the Pacific Ocean with Mr. Parker.

For those of us who find nirvana in a good story, pick up “Life of Pi” and repose into the truths of imagination.

Next up: “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghesse

—   Elsie

p.s. I’ve heard the film of the novel recently released is wondrous. It’s a Best Picture Nominee and is still playing at in Williston.