Pacific Coast, check

SFI’ve wanted to travel to the Pacific Cost for as long as I can remember. It’s been a personal goal that has changed and aged, but never faded. I’ve been adding destination points to an imaginary itinerary for over 15 years, and last week I explored them all.

I flew into San Francisco, drove along the Pacific Coast Highway to Portland and Seattle, looped back to Yosemite National Park and Big Sur and then spent two days on the beaches of Santa Cruz before returning to my starting point.

I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, drove through the Redwood Forest, camped in Yosemite, watched the waves crash over the rocks in Big Sur, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, saw golfers living out their dreams on Pebble Beach, fell in love with Oregon and drove through Sonoma Valley. I travelled 2,362.5 beautiful miles and, if I could, I would start at the beginning and drive them all again.

Here are some photos from the journey.

-Kelly March