Cocaine possession; trafficking

On Feb. 9 State Police stopped a 2009 Nissan Murano for motor vehicle violations. The police observed indicators of Drug Trafficking during the stop of the Murano operated by Virginia Delacruz, 32, of Jericho. Trooper Richard Slusser and his K-9 Drager conducted an external sweep of the vehicle for drug odors, which the K-9 detected. Delacruz refused to give consent for a search of the vehicle and the Murano was seized while police awaited a search warrant. Windsor Superior Court granted the search warrant on Feb. 10 and during the subsequent search a half-kilogram of cocaine valued at $30,000 on the streets was discovered. Delacruz was cited to appear in Windsor Superior Court on March 24 for Felony Cocaine Possession, Cocaine Trafficking and False Information to Law Enforcement. On Feb. 16 Delacruz’s passengers Roberto Delacruz, 32, and Ludovina Gonzalez-Morel, 59, both of Jericho, were issued citations to appear in Windsor Superior Court on March 24 as well.