Convict had been living in Essex

Dramatic arrest altered school day


The 37-year-old convict who was arrested by plain-clothes U.S. Marshals near the Essex Junction Amtrak station April 30 had been living in the Essex area, U.S. Marshals said Monday.

Jeremy Jennings is scheduled to appear in federal court in Burlington on June 4 to answer to charges of failing to comply with probation conditions. According to court documents, he served 15 years on a rape conviction in Addison County and another two-plus years for obstruction of justice.

Michael Mosley, an employee at A.J.’s Kitchen, said he witnessed the midday arrest on Railroad Avenue that left Jennings and several U.S. Marshals injured. He said Jennings was talking with a shopkeeper on Railroad Avenue while walking a dog when several marshals engaged him.

“It was crazy because I wasn’t realizing what I was watching,” Mosley said. “They wrestled with him for a good amount of time.”

Essex Police notified Essex Junction school administrators the morning before the planned arrest. Both Summit and Fleming schools, as well as the preschool at Park Street, were advised to keep children indoors. Recess was held in school gyms, and a planned walk for Summit students to Essex High School for a school play was postponed.

The Essex Police assisted the U.S. Marshals, setting up a perimeter around the train station and dealing with Jennings’ dog after the altercation. Jennings is currently in federal custody.

Jennings was originally released from prison in 2010. According to court documents, he repeatedly changed residences, moving between upstate New York, where he had family, and Vermont. He moved to the Newport area to live near friends he had made while incarcerated, according to court documents.

According to a March 10 probation officer report, Jennings was cited for disorderly conduct and unlawful trespass in Hyde Park in February. He also allegedly failed to participate in sex offender treatment.

— Staff report