Budgets pass


Polls were open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Tuesday at Essex Middle School and High School for Essex Town and Junction voters to weigh in on school board members, budgets, reserve funds and other measures. Voters supported the school boards’ FY16 recommendations and elected several board candidates. Below are the preliminary results.

Essex Town School District:

With a total of 628 votes, Essex Town voters approved the $21,618,989 in operating expenditures for the Essex Town School District by a tally of 416 to 209. Voters also opted to invest an additional $125,000 to the school district’s capital reserve fund with 462 votes for to 164 against.

David Clough is retiring from his 25th year on the Essex Town School Board. Dawn Hill-Fleury, who served on the Essex Town School Board several years ago, ran unopposed and was elected to a three-year term. She was supported with 520 yes-votes.

“We are very grateful for David’s service,” said Essex Town School District Board Chair Kim Gleason, who was reelected for another two-year term with 528 votes, on Tuesday night. “And we welcome Dawn back to the board.”

Caisil Weldon was appointed last year to the first year of a three-year term when Brendon Kinney vacated his seat. Weldon ran this year and was elected 494 to 6 for the remaining two years of the term. John Sonnick was also appointed about two months ago according to Gleason to take over Steve McQueen’s responsibilities as clerk for the Essex Town School District; he was elected Tuesday to fulfill the two-year term.

Cathy Printon was also supported Tuesday, with 519 votes, to represent Essex Town on the Essex High School board.

“We continue to have tremendous support of our community,” said Gleason after votes were tallied Tuesday evening. “We are very deliberate in what we do. At every opportunity when putting together a budget we ask ‘how will what we’re asking for, support our students and our end goals?’ It is gratifying to have the community support us in this way and we are incredibly grateful.”

Essex Junction School District:

Five hundred and fifty-five Essex Junction residents – of the 7,349 total voters on the voter checklist – voted on an $18,627,735 FY16 budget for its primary schools and by a margin of 342 votes for and 213 votes opposing, according to Essex Junction School District Clerk Lynette Corbin. Voters also accepted a supplementation of $50,000 to the Capital Reserve Fund (370 for and 181 against).

Budget allocations for the Parks and Recreation Department included the authorization of a one-cent tax rate increase (342 for and 196 against) and acceptance of an article that would add $623,981 of tax revenues to the Capital Reserve Fund for the department (389 for and 164 against).

Jason M. DiRosa ran unopposed for a three-year term as a Prudential Committee Member. He received a total of 388 votes.

The seats for another Prudential Committee Member and Union School District #46 Director were left open prior to voting. The two-year Prudential Committee seat was filled by write-in candidate Candace Morgan who received 33 votes – a minimum of 30 votes are needed for a candidate to be elected. The U#46 position was still vacant after the vote.

Prudential Committee Chair Michael Smith expressed his pleasure with the voting outcomes and said that he looks forward to working with both of the new committee members. With regards to the open position for U#46 Director Smith said that the Prudential Committee will discuss and appoint someone during a future meeting.

U#46 School District:

Village and Town residents cast a total of 1,183 votes on Tuesday on the Union School District #46 budget proposals for FY16 according to U#46 School District Clerk Cindy Cusson. The Essex High School budget for FY16 of $24,465,011 passed (765 for and 414 against) in addition the voters accepted the Center for Technology, Essex FY16 budget of $8,582,880 (823 for and 354 against). Voters also chose to pass an article that appropriates 1 percent of the school budget for the Capital Reserve Fund (836 for and 341 against).

Note on the Westford School District: The informational meeting regarding the Westford School District’s FY16 budget is on May 4 at 7 p.m. and voting will be held on May 5.