A lot of sound and a little bit of fury


Colin Flanders
The Essex Reporter

When the Essex Junction Board of Trustees approved a noise waiver for events at the Champlain Valley Exposition on June 11, they were supposed to post the list of events that received the waiver on the village website.

That list, however, wasn’t posted until mid-September — well after most of the events had passed — and only after a village resident complained.

George Tyler, president of the Board of Trustees, said that while he believes there is no legal obligation to post the list of waivers, it’s rather a “courtesy obligation,” made so that those “people who were particularly offended or upset by the noise could make plans to be away for the evening.”

The trustees agreed to post the list online in January when they approved a new agreement with the Champlain Valley Expo.

Resident Chris Chiquoine said for the past six years he has requested a list of waivers.

“Every year, (the Champlain Valley Expo) is supposed to have requested their waivers. Every year I’ve asked for the list of waivers, and every year I have not seen the list — if I’ve seen it at all — until long after the fair is done,” Chiquoine said.

Chiquoine noted that Expo Director Tim Shea has called him prior to the fair to highlight events he may be worried about.

Robin Pierce, the village’s community development director, said in an email that he believes the failure to post the list was due to “new people getting used to an unfamiliar process.” He added that all outstanding waivers have been posted to the website and “we will endeavor to post all waivers online in the future.”

“I am sorry we didn’t get it out there on time,” Tyler said at the Sept. 22 trustees meeting. He suggested the trustees discuss a way to put a reminder in place for next spring so the oversight doesn’t happen again.

Chiquoine requested that when the list is posted, it includes the start and end times of the events.

“I just want to be able to go to one place, look and say, ‘There’s a waiver in place,’ know that and plan my life around that,” Chiquoine said.