Letters to the editor

Hail and farewell 

My love affair with Vermont began when I as a little girl. Once a year we would “weekend” at a small motel in Bennington. That was all that my parents could afford. I realized then that I had fallen deeply in love with Vermont, hoping that someday I would live here.

I moved here years later, after changes in my life. I opened a map of Vermont and decided that Burlington was to be the location. I moved here in the ‘70’s, not knowing one person in the state. In time, that changed. I was a truly adopted child of Vermont — not a flatlander. It would take pages upon pages to list the vast amount of people who have befriended me. Countless experiences became a part of my life here: falling in and out of love; surviving a brain tumor; graduating from Johnson State College; operating New England Gift Basket, serving the auto trade; but, most importantly’ founding Save the Greyhound Dogs! (“STGD!”)

I remember the early years, meeting Ben and Jerry in their gas station on St. Paul Street, wearing their pith helmets and standing in front of their sign that read “Orgasmic Flavors”. I remember going into general stores where one could buy any size of store cheese cut and wrapped so beautifully. I remember when I could dial a phone number from home using just five digits. I remember the camaraderie of the terrific people who came together when Hurricane Hugo demolished Jamaica. As co-founder of the Vermont-Jamaica Relief Committee, I saw a quality of character that is so classically Vermont.

Now I leave Vermont when she is at her most magnificent beauty. I will keep this picture in my mind and those of her gentle folks to the end of my life. She will be sorely missed forever. I am moving forward to a new life in New Hampshire. It will never match Vermont, but it will be good in other ways.

To be continued …

Scotti Devens
Founder, Save The Greyhound Dogs!