Letters to the editor

Six times thanks

I want to sincerely thank the people of Essex Town, the Junction and Westford for your support in the recent election. Since my first election to the Senate six years ago, I’ve done my best to represent each Chittenden County community with the same enthusiasm and close attention as my own hometown. I will continue to keep you posted on my Senate efforts with updates in the Reporter and in direct calls and e-mails with you. Please stay in touch, and thanks again.

Tim Ashe
State Senator, Chittenden County


Thanks from the VT Senate

Dear Essex Voters,

Thank you for your support of my reelection to the Vermont Senate. Your confidence in my work to represent you is greatly appreciated. Critical challenges face us during the coming legislative session. These include cost of living related to health care, education, good jobs, and energy. I will continue to take a balanced approach, to use common sense, and collaboration when finding solutions to problems facing our County. I look forward to working on many issues critical to our welfare and sense of community. Thank you again. Please stay engaged in civic activities and contact me with your comments, concerns, and questions.\

Senator Ginny Lyons


Villagers take notice

It seems that the town is up to its old tricks trying to sneak in a merger. First we have no village manager – we have a town manager – second they want to merge public works department. What’s next?

The public works department does a fantastic job keeping streets plowed, not so in the town. They also keep our roads and local streets in fine condition. Think about it: What does the town do for villagers except tax us and give us no services?

Finally, are we going to get to vote on these proposals? Probably not.

John Tortorella
Essex Junction