Letters to the editor

Farewell, ADL Gymnastics

Accept this heartfelt thanks to the community, parents, students, athletes, spectators and teachers for all of your support over the 38 years of the ADL Gymnastics team. Despite a 21-person team, 11 new sixth-graders on the team, and great success (No. 1 in the ADL State Invitational, and first, second or third in every event), the ADL Gymnastics program is being cut.

Despite being one of the only individual sports offered at ADL, the equipment is sold and the program is now a memory.

Thanks to the Essex Junction community who supported and encouraged the team with their attendance at meets, the ADL Invitational and the half-time show. Thanks to each of the team members for their hard work, dedication, leadership in the school, community service to the Lund Home, willingness to work as a team and support of ADL. Thanks to all of the parents who got up to bring their children to our 6 a.m. practices!

It has been a blessing to coach the middle school team since 1977 and see gymnasts go on to compete in high school and college, and to have a number of them go on to coach area high school teams, as well as coach in club programs.

Thanks to the high school coaches and athletic director for their support over the years, as well. And to ADL Gymnasts: congratulations on all of your individual and team success. You have made your mark!

Ruth Dunkley McGowan
ADL Gymnastics coach 

The ADL 2014 Gymnastics Team — No. 1 at the State Invitational Meet.

The ADL 2014 Gymnastics Team — No. 1 at the State Invitational Meet.


ADL's Jenna Puleo, Anna Charland, Anna Ursiny and Hannah Poquette placed 1, 2, 3, 4 in the all-aroud at the 2014 State Invitational.

ADL’s Jenna Puleo, Anna Charland, Anna Ursiny and Hannah Poquette placed 1, 2, 3, 4 in the all-aroud at the 2014 State Invitational.


A retention plan for IBM-Essex

The Board of Directors of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce has voted to endorse the implementation of a robust economic development plan to support the current and successor owners of the Champlain Valley Technology and Information Park known as IBM-Essex. The Chamber believes that the retention of high-paying, value-added, jobs is even more essential to Vermont’s economy as the importation or creation of new jobs. This resolution supports the efforts of our collaborative partner, the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation, to retain the over 4,000 jobs currently at IBM-Essex and to attract new value-added businesses to the region.

For 60 years, the knowledge-based economy driven by IBM has defined our region and our state. Attributable in large part to the presence of IBM, Chittenden County has become the economic engine and hub of creativity for Vermont. The world class programs at our state research university, medical school and hospital have all thrived with the assistance of IBM. Our pre-K through high school programs are recognized as the best in the state due to the support, assistance and guidance of the management and staff at IBM.

The Board of Directors of the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce endorses the following actions in support of IBM-Essex and any successor organization.

1. The creation of an economic development zone and accompanying incentives that encompass the plant and lands owned by IBM to assist with job creation and the retention of high-paying, technology sector jobs. These incentives could include: modifications to Vermont’s tax system; long-term utility rate stabilization; job training and education credits; expedited development permits on the property owned by IBM.

2. The formalization of linkages between the University of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges, Champlain College and other institutions of higher education that align curricula, internships and mentoring programs resulting in a workforce-ready pool of employees.

3. The creation of an aggressive research and development tax credit program that competes with surrounding states and creates an attractive business environment for companies to locate in.

4. The creation of a Technology Development Cabinet, empaneled by the Governor, that includes representation from the legislature, the business community and higher education with the authority to plan and implement ongoing strategies to attract and retain high-paying technology sector jobs.

5. Finally, we respectfully request that the House of Representatives and the State Senate vote a joint resolution when they convene in January 2015 that expresses support for continuing Vermont’s relationship with technology research, development and manufacturing companies and that promises to support fiscal and educational strategies that will attract and retain jobs in Vermont.

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors