Letters to the editor

Free from medical tyranny

These remarks may be categorized as anti-vaccination, but that is not my sentiment. In a world of increasing chronic illness and out of control medical costs, we must look for answers — not only for solutions, but root causes. We can employ technology, but we should not rule out the possibility that technology itself is the problem.

Legislation always lags behind technology, but one thing remains true: We are as a free people inherently opposed to unwarranted mandates. There is little value in protecting public health if it means sacrificing even one individual for the greater good. Who among us would trade places with a child who was damaged by vaccination or succumbed to an infectious disease that could have been prevented by the very same measure?

We can not impose vaccination on its efficacy alone. We all know there can be debilitating risk upon vaccination as outlined in their insert warnings. But this alone is not the full story. In the last 20 years, the majority of the U.S. population has been consuming GMO crops and grains. It would be negligent to ignore the directly proportionate rise in allergies, autism and every other neuromuscular disease.

Research outlines how the ingredient, glyphosate, interferes with critical pathways in human developmental health. Glyphosate now has been put on the World Health Organization banned list. Glyphosate is ubiquitous, found in our drinking water and air supply and puts all of us at risk.

If the Legislature is waiting for a finding of a clear and present danger from the governing health agency, then I say the danger has never been more clear. It can be the providence of this Legislature to direct, by law, what constitutes a healthy human being. My inclination is against it.

No error becomes a mistake until you refuse to correct it. The job of elected officials is to listen, to have conscience, to evaluate, to protect, to defend, to decide fact from fiction, greed from the common good, and enable citizens to be what they were born to be, free from medical tyranny and independent to choose through informed consent.

Ron Coppola