I believe the Saxon Hill Forest Park was not listed in the fall Essex Parks and Recreation catalog that was mailed to every resident of Essex. It did not appear in the list of public parks in Essex on page 16 of the catalog.

I would like the residents of all of Essex to know what a gem this park is to us and how personally, it helped us choose our home because of its close proximity! We are a family of runners with two peanut-shaped corgis who enjoy running on Saxon Hill Road on a daily basis, 365 days per year. The trails are wonderful for hiking and showing off foliage for our out of town guests, and the winter is dream world with snow-covered evergreen boughs! What a great surface for the joints! Saxon Hill Road, with its colorful arched branches overhead blocking the rain from pounding me, or shading the road with its coolness on a hot sticky day, is sanded almost daily so my yak tracks grip the surface without slipping, unlike a casual walk along Allen Martin Parkway, where the fresh three-inch snowfall over sheer ice on the sidewalk put me in the CT scan Dec. 13, 2016 with a concussion.

Saxon Hill Park has been a destination spot for avid hikers, walkers and runners since 1926. As history has it, Jeeps took visitors to the new fire tower on Saxon Hill, which replaced the one that had been constructed in 1926. In October 1948, the Chittenden County Forest Festival Day was held in Saxon Hill Forest with speeches, demonstrations and a tree-chopping contest for the youth (courtesy William P. Hall, county forester). The gathering of information was so elegantly written by Richard and Lucille Allen, in the book titled “Essex And Essex Junction.”

Let us remember in our Essex Town Recreation printed material for the public the beautiful land that is still open for the public to cherish and use for recreation: Saxon Hill Road, Park and Forest, properly known as, Essex Town Forest at Saxon Hill.

Patty Davis
Essex Town