Keeping up with Klinger’s

Colchester native Emily Davis, a summer intern at The Essex Reporter and The Colchester Sun, has been working at Klinger’s Bread Co. in South Burlington for the past four years. Here, she takes a moment to reflect on her work there:

Back again, I’m back again; shuffling across the hard ceramic tile floor of the French bakery. Klinger’s has been my other home for four summers in a row now. It’s hard to say whether or not the same routine has grown old, but regardless I’m here. Rich smells of sweet chocolate and fresh bread rise in the heat creating that addicting aroma. Customers line up nearly out the door, eager to purchase their morning breakfast, lunch or evening pick-me-up. I keep my quick pace making sure every customer receives their requested order and the coffee is kept full and fresh.

Lunch is perhaps the most stressful, yet exciting time of the day as sandwiches and soups are in heavy supply. Grill orders to have the sandwiches Panini pressed are listed off one by one, while dishes are stacked high and heavy from the happily satisfied customers that walk out. Rotating turns to grill and work the register, we each get a taste of the experience. The pastry department carries out freshly made cakes and pies throughout the day while the bread guys are hard at work molding and baking the breads.

The bakery is a bustle of chores, smells and new faces, but to me it remains a place of comfort, where I always know what I’m doing.

            –Emily Davis