Guidelines and info for carriers


The Essex Reporter is a free, weekly newspaper delivered door-to-door by carriers every Thursday. You should be aware that the paper contains news and advertisements, which are dated. That means your customers should receive the paper on Thursday.

WHERE YOU GET THE PAPERS: Our driver will deliver a bundle of papers to your home on Wednesday evening. He will leave them wherever you want them.  When deciding where you want the bundle left, remember it may be snowing or raining when the papers are dropped off.

DELIVERY OF PAPERS: Please deliver the papers to the door of each residence. Do not leave papers in mailboxes (that’s against the law), in Free Press newspaper tubes (we don’t have permission to use these), or on steps, sidewalks or driveways (the paper will get wet or blown around). We provide plastic bags for each paper. Place a paper in a plastic bag and hang it on the doorknob or place it inside the storm door or enclosed porch. When your papers are delivered to you, there will be a sheet of paper attached to the bundle. On this sheet of paper will be information about your route. All changes to the route (i.e. a residence ceases delivery or someone goes on vacation and suspends their delivery for a week) will be noted on these sheets of paper each week.

YOUR FIRST WEEK: Bag each of your papers and deliver your route.  If you don’t have enough papers, count the houses you couldn’t deliver to and call the office to let us know how many more papers you need.  If you have papers left over, call the office to make sure that you delivered to everyone you were supposed to.

PAY: You will be paid 10 cents per paper per week. Payment is made by check and mailed out every other week.

WHAT IF YOU CAN’T DELIVER ONE WEEK: If you are unable to deliver the newspaper, please try to have a substitute carrier take the route for you. If you cannot find a substitute, please let us know so that the driver will not deliver a bundle to your house that week.

PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS: Please call the office at 878-5282 if you have any questions or problems on your route.  Some reasons to call include: you’re sick and can’t deliver on Thursday, you need more plastic bags or papers, there is a dog on your route that is bothering you or anything else that you are concerned about. We will be happy to help you work out a solution.

NOTICE:  We request a two-week notice if you decide to give up your route.

We are glad to have you as a carrier for The Essex Reporter. You will find that Essex Junction and Essex residents look forward to receiving their copy of the newspaper. We expect that you will make every effort to deliver The Essex Reporter in a responsible and timely manner. We look forward to a good relationship with you.