First time Fridays

On my first weekend back on St. Michael’s campus for the Fall 2013 semester, all seven of my suitemates shrieked in unison at the fact that I’d never been to Panera. Their surprise only grew when they learned I’d never been to a wedding, worn plaid or skipped a class.

This is how my concept of First Time Fridays was born. All semester — the last 14 weeks — I’ve been doing something new every Friday.

I started off easy, having fro-yo for the first time with my suitemate Laura. I can’t believe I’d never had it before, especially considering my love for ice cream; to say the least, it was delicious.

Many of my First Time Fridays centered around food. I had Panera a few weeks ago (and shockingly didn’t get a bread bowl!), tried coffee for the first time (which I didn’t like at all, which is also surprising, considering I’m an English major) and grilled a streak on my own for the very first time (with the company and assistance of friends Cait and Merrill).

One of the biggest on my list happened in October, when I stayed on campus for the first time during a break. While most of my friends were packing up and heading home for a long weekend, I stayed on campus to work at my internship, here at The Essex Reporter and Colchester Sun, another thing I just so happened to start on a Friday.

This semester I also went on my first religious retreat, LEAP; went to a Mad Men party and dressed the part; saw Parachute and the Plain White T’s in concert, my first time at Higher Ground; and initiated myself as a Vermonter by wearing plaid, all thanks to Emma.

Now that the semester is nearly over, there’s a clear vision of me completing my goal. There are only two weeks left and I’m not sure whether I’ll make a creemee in Alliot (our dining hall) for the first time or if I’ll take part in the Vermonster challenge. But I do know that if I don’t find a wedding to go to, then I’ll have to continue this next semester.

Sharon Rhodes