ADL Agenda

ADL parent Russ Herrin describes the use of semiconductor wafers in electronic equipment with members of TeamNRG.  PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

ADL parent Russ Herrin describes the use of semiconductor wafers in electronic equipment with members of TeamNRG.

From Principal Laurie Singer

ADL students and staff participated in a day of service on May 15 as one of our culminating activities related to our yearlong focus, “Year of Wonder” based on Palachio’s book, “Wonder.” Staff members Caitlin Classen, Jess Hathaway and Amie Conger spent countless hours organizing our day of service so that all 347 of our students and 65-plus staff members were organized by homerooms and gave back to the community at numerous locations around Chittenden and Grand Isle counties. Students planted, did green-up, stocked food shelves, made lunches, organized books, and countless other activities all morning. All in all, ADL performed well over 1,000 hours of community service. After a whole school lunch, students completed a reflection activity and then competed with each other in a rousing game of Quest. Overall, it was a magical day and one that our students and staff will remember as a meaningful part in our “Year of Wonder.”

Team NRG Guest Speaker: On May 8, Russ Herrin visited ADL as a guest speaker. Herrin was kind enough to discuss some of the geometric principals involved in the manufacturing process of silicon semi-conductors. This was a perfect time for the visit because ADL sixth-graders were knee-deep in learning about such geometric ideas as area, perimeter, and volume.  Herrin also brought in some of the semi-conductor wafers and explained how they are used in many electronic devices other than computers. Herrin really brought geometry to life and the students of team NRG were very engaged in the presentation and had some great questions for the guest speaker. Herrin then participated in a collaboration workshop to offer feedback on the students’ “Dream Space” project. Many thanks to Mr. Herrin for taking the time to come in and visit with our ADL students.

Spring Concert: The ADL Annual Spring Concert and Art Show will be held on May 21 at 7 p.m. in the school gymnasium. Please join us.

Memorial Day Celebration: The annual Memorial Day observance will take place at 8 a.m. on May 22 in the school parking lot (weather permitting) or gymnasium. In addition, the ADL Select Chorus will perform prior to the parade on Saturday at Five Corners beginning at 9:15 a.m. and the ADL Band will march in the parade. Please join us to support our students and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country






Summit Scoop




Essex Elementary

Shown are EES first graders proudly displaying their life-size paintings from the character study exercise they did in their “character clubs.” JULIA BELLEN

Shown are EES first graders proudly displaying their life-size paintings from the character study exercise they did in their “character clubs.”

Students from Julia Seligman’s and Jenky Snedeker’s first-grade class were able to get to know characters in several books by selecting a character to study and forming groups called ‘character clubs.’ In the “character club,” the students learned to think deeply about their characters by identifying physical and character traits. The students worked together to show proof or evidence from the story to prove that their characters acted a certain way. The students also predicted what the characters might be thinking and how they would act later in the book based on what they already know about their character. To culminate the reading unit, the students compared themselves to their characters and painted a life-size character. When comparing themselves to the character Dixie, a dog, some students wrote that they were “active, eat food, and are hairy” like Dixie. The students in the Henry and Mudge character club said they were “playful, happy, humans, both sleep at night,” like Henry, a boy. The students in the Mercy Watson club said they were “animals, active, have a love for toast,” like Mercy, a pig. The students had fun learning about characters!




Hands-on Science by Ellie, Izabela, and Owen – Grade 4 students.

As part of our study of vertebrates (animals with a backbone), we did several activities to learn about the skeleton of many animals. Two of those activities are shown here. We used different kinds of pasta to create pictures to show the major bones of various animals. We learned about the structure and function of these bones. It was fun!

Owls swallow food whole. Some parts of the prey cannot be digested so they are regurgitated in the form of a pellet. We dissected the pellet and took out the bones of the prey. To identify the animal in the pellet we looked at its features, including size and shape of skull and teeth.

Owl pellet dissection. CHRISTINE GORMAN

Owl pellet dissection.

Study of vertebrates with pasta. CHRISTINE GORMAN

Study of vertebrates with pasta.


EMS News

Essex Middle School students sompete in a junior Iron Chef competition at the Champlain Valley Expo

The “Iron Eagles” from Essex Middle School recently competed in the Junior Iron Chef competition held at the Champlain Valley Expo on Saturday, March 21. This event focuses on junior chefs developing their own recipes using local Vermont foods. Students actually make the recipe during this one-and-a-half hour timed event using camp stoves and no running water, and compete with other middle schools. This year’s EMS team developed a delicious recipe called “Double Decker Tortilla Pie with Salsa” which was a combination of butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, garlic, and cilantro in a Mexican spiced enchilada sauce layered between tortillas. Each slice of the “pie” was topped with a spicy avocado-tomato salsa. A special thanks goes to the Essex Town PTO for sponsoring the team.


Fleming Flyer

  • This past Friday, Fleming students learned about the construction and purpose of the creation of a Mandala. In the upcoming weeks, fourth- and fifth-grade students will be collaborating and practicing mindfulness as they incorporate their wishes for the world into a massive schoolwide Mandala project for Fleming. The Mindful Mandala will be assembled as part of a community time assembly on June 3.
  • Fourth-grade NECAP science testing began on May 18, and continues throughout the week.
  • On May 20, students throughout the district are hosting their parents/guardians in student-led conferences; these conferences provide students the opportunity to celebrate their learning progress and share their most memorable educational moments from this year. Students will make use of educational technology to make their celebration of learning presentations. Regular instruction will not be held on this day, and families are invited to schedule student-led conference presentations with their child’s homeroom teacher.
  • International Food for Lunch day will be held on May 21. Students will be enjoying Egyptian food for lunch in celebration of the culture within our diverse community.
  • Fleming will be honoring service members on May 29 for our school’s Memorial Day Assembly. This day of observance was chosen this year as it proceeds the date of May 30, the first Memorial Day of Remembrance following the end of the Civil War in 1865. This learning assembly will give special focus to the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and those who died in this war. We will take the opportunity to remember and offer our thanks to our community members and their families for their service to our country, and we invite the entire Fleming community to join us. We especially encourage veterans to join us for this special remembrance.
  • The results of Fleming’s annual school climate survey are available for your review online. A school climate review team represented by students, staff, and parents will be meeting in early June to look over the results and plan for actions for continued improvement of school climate.



EHS News




Meghan O. Smith, Evelyn Beliveau, Elena Tall, Analea Latimer and Justin Gilbeau represented EHS in the Vermont Congressional Art Show. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

Meghan O. Smith, Evelyn Beliveau, Elena Tall, Analea Latimer and Justin Gilbeau represented EHS in the Vermont Congressional Art Show.

Betty Lauer, author of the autobiography, Hiding in Plain Sight, visited EHS to share her experiences as a young Jewish girl forced to leave Germany (in her pajamas, no less) near the start of WWII. While a refugee in Poland, she was eventually separated from family members and forced to hide her identity in order to survive.

Lauer spent an hour fielding numerous questions from a respectful group of more than 80 students in awe of her openness and warmth. In spite of the fact that she had endured many hardships and the loss of her beloved sister, she reminded her listeners, “Life is a precious gift.  Don’t take it lightly — embrace it. It’s yours!” Students took Lauer’s message to heart. Emily Harvey praised Lauer’s remarkable openness, and that she was “able to answer all of the questions we asked, even if some of the subjects were difficult to talk about.”  Nick DiLello described the learning of many that day, seeing “… how precious life is. Some people in the world are not as privileged as others or even not as safe as others. It’s important to be thankful for what you have and to be living the life that you are in.”  Noah Beckage summed up the hopes and appreciation of those present, “I hope my generation can learn from the mistakes of the past, and never let such a tragedy occur again. You’re a living legend, Mrs. Lauer!”

Art honors

Essex High School art students took away some top honors at this year’s Congressional Art Show for Vermont. Five students from each high school were selected to participate in this National Art Competition. Essex High School was represented by Analea Latimer, Meghan Smith, Justin Gilbeau, Elena Tall and Evelyn Beliveau. Beliveau’s self-portrait received second place among all the Vermont High School students competing and Tall’s pen and ink piece was voted as the “People’s Choice” award by all the viewers. The judges and viewers alike were incredibly impressed by the sophistication and talent of these exceptionally, creative artists.

Piano recital

Get ready for a treat. EHS seniors Teddy Ninh and Matt Wu will be holding a piano recital in the EHS auditorium on Friday, May 22 from 7 to 8 p.m.  If you’ve never heard these young men perform, you’re in for a real treat, if you’re heard them before, I know you won’t miss it.


CTE News

Students from the Center for Technology — Essex designed and built this new home in Essex Junction.  PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

Students from the Center for Technology — Essex designed and built this new home in Essex Junction.

CTE Residential Building Technology: The Residential Building Technology Program at CTE will soon be completing another new design/build home on 19 Taft St. in Essex Junction. The homes that CTE students build continue to evolve with the times and become more energy efficient, as well as more desirable. This home is a 1,960 square-foot hillside ranch with a full walk-out basement. The wide open floor plan has red birch solid hardwood floors throughout. The entryway and bathrooms have beautiful tile floors. The natural maple kitchen cabinets and granite countertops with a large island make it wonderful for entertaining. There are three bedrooms, two and one-half baths, a large office, and a master bedroom suite with private bath and walk-in closet.

The universal designed home exceeds all VT Residential Building Energy Code standards and has a central Energy Recovery Ventilation system to provide clean, fresh air into the well-insulated, air-tight home. There is natural gas feeding an extremely efficient heating system. The attached two-car garage has an electric door opener, and the great location is just minutes to Five Corners, I-289 or the Essex shops, and an easy drive to Burlington as well. The large front porch will be great for watching the sunset over the Adirondacks.


Mater Christi