Signs of Spring

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Community Photos by Lee Cordner

Recently the temperature actually climbed into the 40’s and the sap started to run.  Spring officially started on March 20th however, you could not prove it by our weather pattern.  Even though we had the cold temperatures, snow cover, and a frozen lake, the critters are convinced spring was hear.   Out of a long winters sleep, a pair of chipmunks emerged from holes; the red and gray squirrels seemed to arrive in pairs;  a confused red-winged blackbird dines with the other birds that had been using our feeders all winter; and the chickadees are now singing their spring song.

Due to the heavy rains, water in the rivers and streams like Lewis Creek rose over the ice that had frozen to the banks and yesterday after nightfall, we heard a flock of geese trying to land on the bay in front of our house.  Much to their dismay it was frozen and they circled and honked in frustration.

After the warm temperatures, I guess it is safe to say spring has arrive.

Enjoy spring.






About Lee Cordner:

LeeCordnerLee Cordner has lived all of his life in Vermont.  As a child he developed an appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife from his parents.

His father’s interest in photography was passed on to Lee at an early age.  Cordner used his photographic talent to work his way through graduate school.

Cordner and his wife live in Colchester, where they made a home for themselves and their two daughters.

Cordner’s specialty is wildlife and outdoor photography however he also photographs sports, portraits and weddings.  He shares his talent by contributing to local magazines, newspapers and mailings to many friends throughout the world.

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