Still Here


Community Photos by Lee Cordner

I am still here, sometimes things prevent us from doing the things we like.

Here are some photos, I had the opportunity to take over the last couple of weeks.  This group of images consist of different views of western side of Mount Mansfield, outer Mallett’s Bay and Lewis Creek.   I am looking forward to Spring!

Take care.






About Lee Cordner:

LeeCordnerLee Cordner has lived all of his life in Vermont.  As a child he developed an appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife from his parents.

His father’s interest in photography was passed on to Lee at an early age.  Cordner used his photographic talent to work his way through graduate school.

Cordner and his wife live in Colchester, where they made a home for themselves and their two daughters.

Cordner’s specialty is wildlife and outdoor photography however he also photographs sports, portraits and weddings.  He shares his talent by contributing to local magazines, newspapers and mailings to many friends throughout the world.

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