Mushrooms make for fast and easy side dishes

Whether you have only a few minutes to put together a meal this holiday season or days to prepare, mushrooms are a great addition for marvelous flavor and minimal fuss.

Explore new varieties and delight holiday guests. The key is choosing the right mushrooms and herbs to suit your cooking method and available time. Here are some simple tips from the experts at Whole Foods Market, to create memorable combinations in minutes:

Only five minutes and no stove? Pair such mushrooms as white buttons, cremini or truffles with herbs like parsley, chives, tarragon or cilantro, to create a fresh salad or a relish to top on crostini, soup or baked potatoes.

Fifteen minutes and a stovetop? Try mixing fresh herbs like oregano, marjoram or sage with chanterelles, morels or oyster mushrooms with olive oil. Warm over a stove and in minutes you will have delicious sautéed mushrooms.

Thirty and a hot oven?  Make roasted mushrooms by pairing portobellos, porcinis or shiitakes with rosemary and thyme, and your guests will sure to be impressed.

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— StatePoint Media