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Truck Stop:

Cool Runnings

“I’m Guilford and my partner here is Leroy. I’m from Jamaica. I was inspired to start this truck because every state should have a different personality of food. Food is great. It’s spiritual. In America, we have so much of it but they don’t put it together in the right way. America needs to change the whole trend. Most Americans like fast food but they don’t like authentic food.

“What we have here, it’s really good food, man. Rice and beans is an original food. You’ve got to cook it with spices and coconut juice. Then you’ve got goat — it’s ancient, eaten by the Muslims and the Arakaki and the first tribes. Back in the day people used to eat jerk food, local food. Jerk food is mixture of real authentic sauce, jerk chicken — you slow cook it and it come out nice and brown and really spicy. I grow up in spice.”

Editor’s Note: Truck Stop takes place every Friday at 5 p.m. through the summer behind ArtsRiot on Pine Street in Burlington.