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Welcome to the Column-Inch Collection!

Come visit our new community gallery to see local artists’ work. The front lobby of our offices at 42 Severance Green in Colchester have been converted to a free art space, where new local art will be exhibited monthly. Stop by Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Or view the online gallery below!


Spotlight on Michael McCaffrey

Column-Inch Collection Artist

Michael McCaffrey

Michael McCaffrey

Michael McCaffrey is a 32-year-old Essex resident and graduate of St. Michael’s College with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. McCaffrey works in pen and ink, markers, colored pencil and acrylic paint. In addition to being an artist, McCaffrey wears many hats as the office manager at The Colchester Sun and The Essex Reporter.

For 2015, McCaffrey decided to challenge himself to do a “Daily Doodle,” drawing something every day and posting it on his “My Daily Doodle” Facebook page. We feature 12 of McCaffrey’s works here as part of our celebration of 2015.

How would you describe your art? My art is definitely strongly influenced by illustration and graphic. I am heavily influenced by artists such as Andy Warol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Why did you decide to do the “Daily Doodle” challenge? I decided to challenge myself with my “Daily Doodle” project because in 2014, I was feeling like I was becoming rusty and wasn’t utilizing my creativity like I once did. A combination of new commitments and changes in life were taking up the ample free time I used to have when I was younger and used to fill with endless drawing. The primary goal of the “Daily Doodle” was to challenge myself to be creative each day of the year. I didn’t need to create a masterpiece each day, but I had to do something.

Was it fun? Hard to do every day? It has been a lot of fun but also challenging to find time to create something each day. I have admittedly only missed two or three days out of the entire year. When I went away in April for vacation in the Caribbean, I created doodles for each day and scheduled them to post while I was away! I am excited to see the conclusion and all the fruits of my labor.

Why do you create art? I create art because I feel it’s an integral part of my being day to day. I am a very visual person! I always say I see the world through a different lens, being inspired by everything around me. I am always snapping pictures of things with my phone in an effort to capture the composition or visual I see in my eyes.

What makes being an artist in the Essex/Colchester area special? I think creating art in Vermont — especially the immediate Burlington area — is a really special thing. The community locally is very art focused and supportive. Although I haven’t shared my art in the community yet, I hope to do so now with this body of work in 2016.

Anything else you’d like to add? Check out all of my doodles at: or stop by the Column Inch Collection at the offices of The Essex Reporter and The Colchester Sun from Jan. 11 through March 11, 2016 to check out a collection of my doodles in person.

 Drop by anytime between 9:30 a.m-5 p.m., Monday through Friday at the Essex Reporter offices at 42 Severance Green, Unit 108, Colchester.