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Spotlight on Carol Winn Blakeley

Column-Inch Collection artist for the month of February & March

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All artwork for sale, please contact Carol at 802-557-0403 for more information.



By Elsie Lynn Parini
The Essex Reporter

“My dad put a camera in my hand at age 8,” said Colchester artist Carol Winn Blakeley. However, Blakeley didn’t pursue photography right away.

She attended Northern Arizona University and earned her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 1978. She spent a summer at the University of Vermont taking classes and continued pursuing postgraduate work.

“In school my mediums were drawing, ceramics and an emphasis on jewelry,” she explained. “Schooling for photography was never presented to me and the lost content on film was frustrating.”

Blakeley was ahead of her time; she describes wanting a TV on the back of her camera, so that she could see her pictures. When digital cameras became widely available and LCD screens made her dreams a reality, her son-in-law encouraged her to “go digital”.

“[Photography] was always a passion but I never realized it,” she said. For her, going digital was the “best move ever!”

Blakeley describes her photographs as “colorful with an eye for light.”

Blakeley now lives on Malletts Bay, and says she loves being surrounded by the lake. Even though it’s a populated area, Blakeley still witnesses wildlife and is able to incorporate the natural world in her photographs.

“Sports and action has probably been my favorite thing to shoot over the years, besides high school senior portraits,” noted Blakeley. “There was nothing more fun than to follow my daughters’ Arizona High School teams around and put pictures in the paper.”

See Carol’s work displayed at the Column-Inch Collection throughout the month of February. Drop by anytime between 9:30 a.m-5 p.m., Monday through Friday at the Essex Reporter offices at 42 Severance Green, Unit 108, Colchester.

Learn more about Carol and her work at


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