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Spotlight on Robert M. Smith

Column-Inch Collection artist for the month of July

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By Elsie Lynn Parini
The Essex Reporter

Robert Smith, known to friends and family as Bob, says he has an appreciation for most forms of art and certainly for those artists who can create beautiful works from their own internal vision; however, for his own art, he is drawn to the realism of photography. Back in the mid-80s — after graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in chemistry from Pittsburg State University in Kansas, and taking a job in the engineering field — Smith began taking snapshots of places he visited on business trips.

“My goal is to capture the natural beauty of my surroundings in photographs,” the now-retired Jericho resident explained. “I love the infinite variety of nature and the constant change that it goes through during the seasons. I gravitate toward landscapes and water, but I also like to capture the unique beauty of flowers and birds.”

As someone that is especially drawn to landscapes, water and sunsets, Smith lives in a great area. “Colchester has frontage on Lake Champlain with various bays and marinas which offer great views, especially towards the Adirondack mountains and the setting sun,” Smith elaborated. “Essex offers a variety of scenic farms and views of Mount Mansfield. Essex also has the Champlain Valley Expo which offers such a wide variety of photographic opportunities. Just consider all of the sites that come with the Champlain Valley Fair as well as the numerous subject specific expositions.”

Through digital photography, Smith preserves the beauty of scenes so that they can be enjoyed for a long time.

“I like to share my photos with family and friends who I think will appreciate specific pieces,” Smith explained. “Recently, I’ve started showing my work with the goal of finding people who enjoy it enough to buy it. When that happens, it’s a very satisfying feeling, but that’s not the reason for doing what I do.”

Though Smith has been taking photos for over three decades, he says he’s constantly learning what makes a great photograph. He has experimented with post processing, printing on polished aluminum panels, panoramic views, triptychs (one photo split into three separate panels) and other techniques.

See Robert’s work displayed at the Column-Inch Collection throughout the month of May. Drop by anytime between 9:30 a.m-5 p.m., Monday through Friday at the Essex Reporter and Colchester Sun offices at 42 Severance Green, Unit 108, Colchester.