Message from Montpelier: March 23


As you read this we’ve begun the second half of the session, having passed crossover on March 17. Crossover is the day bills in both bodies must be voted out of their committees in order to be voted on the floor and passed to the other chamber.   The budget bills are due March 24. …

The public’s right to know is under attack


This is the first Sunshine Week, since it began in 2005, when the public’s right to know has been under direct assault and on several fronts. “Fake news,” “alternative facts,” retaliatory restrictions of press access by the White House and demonizing attacks on the working press are eroding the public’s access to real facts and…

Letters to the editor: March 16


Half of voters sought change I want to thank all the voters who participated in the recent election for the Town of Essex Selectboard. I especially want to thank all those who came out on a cold, windy, rainy March day to vote for a relatively unknown candidate. Although we didn’t get the result we…