How was everyone’s Halloween this year?

Everyone around the office was spooked beforehand, thinking that Hurricane Sandy was going to blow away our little office — but we made it!

The weather didn’t deter our Halloween party plans either. Each of us brought a yummy and scare-tastic dish. Take a look:


My contribution was the Chocolate Cream Pie off to the far right. It was scary how tasty it was!

Elsie brought the Oscar the Grouch-looking bean dip salad off to the left and Wendy baked the ghostly cupcakes in the center. Jason was in charge of the “Pasta Puke Salad” and Chris and Kelly smothered us with cheesy goodness.

Then we all dressed up:

L to R: Jason, Elsie the Cow, Me as Mia, Sorceress Kelly March, Chris a.k.a Mickey Mantle, Dr. Kelly Malone, Wendy (as the scary backwoods hunter)

Yes, everyone dressed up but Jason. *Sigh*

Since my Ellen Ripley costume was all beat up from my Halloween camping adventure last weekend, I had to choose another famous female movie character to dress up as….

Happy Halloween from The Essex Reporter!