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To Phil Scott: Ignore this plan


When something seems too simple, it most often is. That applies to a Vermont group calling on Gov.-elect Phil Scott to flip all the state’s conventional dairy farms to organic. The group, led by Roger Allbee, Vermont’s former Secretary of Agriculture, and Michael Colby, co-founder of Regeneration Vermont, sent an open letter to the governor-elect…

Creating holiday traditions throughout generations


Ask a person about their favorite holiday traditions, regardless of what their celebration or festival is, and chances are it revolves around baking. Growing up, my home was filled with the smell of peanut butter blossoms during the holiday season. My job for each batch was to peel all the Hershey kisses to then put…

2016: A year in review



Another year is in the books, and what a year it was. Forcing 2016 into a compact, easy-to-digest summary is tough to do considering dictionary behemoth Merriam-Webster’s single word to describe the 366 days was “surreal.” Yet here we are, sifting through Essex’s most notable stories from all the news that was fit to print.…