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Voting no for simpler government


Essex has shown over time that it values recreation, and I believe that whatever governing structure we have for recreation will be successful. In my opinion the current debate really just comes down to how we would like to organize recreation politically. During my five years on the board of trustees and most recent 13…

Five reasons to vote yes on December 13


1. During the Heart & Soul of Essex process, we heard from many hundreds of people from all parts of our community. Health and recreation emerged as a core value. Another core value was community connections, and this included a desire for increased collaboration across town and village. The formation of a union recreation district…

Why I’m voting yes for a union municipal district


 Over the past few months, I’ve been asked why I support a union municipal district for combining Essex Parks and Recreation and Essex Jct. Recreation and Parks rather than combining under the town municipality. I think a union municipal district is the best way to combine our departments. I think schools should focus on education;…