Author: Madeline Clark

Do-si-do with the best of them

Men and women in pairs and solo sauntered into the Maple Street Park Recreation Center last Thursday. Some brought baked goods and snacks they placed on the gingham-clothed table; others shuffled over to a corner to mingle and purchase raffle tickets. In the front of the room, a bespectacled man stood with sound equipment. Suddenly, banjo-dominant music echoed around the room, and its occupants organized themselves into two squares. The man at the front of the room began uttering instructions into a microphone. “Load the boat; promenade; do-si-do and bow to your partner,” he called out. “Some things sound...

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Bove’s to dish up classics at Milton sauce plant

Bove’s is back. Starting October 5, Vermont’s oldest family-owned Italian restaurant will open its Milton sauce factory doors to dish up classics in an initiative owners are calling “Flashback Friday.” “We’ll see how this goes,” owner Mark Bove said with a laugh. “If we have a flashback of duress from running the restaurant, we’ll say, ‘It’s limited.’” Flashback Friday will occur the first Friday of each month and consist of a rotating menu of Bove’s original recipes served in its Milton manufacturing plant dining room, spokeswoman Emily McMahon said. According to Bove, the events will honor Bove’s commitment to...

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Essex man appointed to community safety task force

Rob Evans is no rookie when it comes to school and campus safety. In 2006, he led a group of officers into Essex Elementary School in response to an active shooter. He described the multi-agency response as the unfortunate reality of what law enforcement must train for these days. “Everybody knew the same tactics, everybody was operating under the same framework and they just went in and responded as they should,” he said. “It certainly highlighted for me, and I’m sure others in the state, that this type of work needs to continue.” Today, Evans serves as the Vt....

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Four cited for speed after I-89 patrol

Vermont State Police cited four drivers for negligent operation Monday following a targeted patrol on Interstate 89. Jamie Audette of Essex, Trinity Stewart of Essex, Rocio Escudero of South Burlington and Franco Salese of South Burlington were stopped Monday afternoon between exits 14 and 15 for driving in excess of 85 mph in a 55 mph zone. The drivers were issued 2 points and fines ranging from $289 to $342. VSP says the citations were part of a special detail targeting aggressive driving. All four drivers are scheduled to appear in Chittenden Superior Court – Criminal...

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Local paramedic opens new dog-centric business in Essex

On any given weekday, Amy Akerlind can be found walking along rural roads with a pack of energetic dogs – including her albino Doberman, Sheldon – in tow. Akerlind runs her own dog camp, training, and leash-walking business, Squad Dogs, and is living her dream. “The name was the most challenging thing to come up with,” she reflected. It’s a play on her 13 years as a rescue chief for Colchester Rescue, her prior experience as a veterinarian technician and the “squad” of dogs she now cares for at the camp. Akerlind started as a volunteer in 2001 and...

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