Author: Colin Flanders

The Murties head to Nashville

George Murtie didn’t expect to be here. Here, in this dark auditorium, hiding from the adoring gaze of a most familiar audience. They’ve known him for years as “captain” or “dad” or simply “George,” back when he held a rank and a badge. But this was a different George Murtie. One who grows his hair out and posts on Facebook. Who pulls up to seedy bars armed with a guitar, not a gun. For the next hour, he sang about that former life: about decades as a cop, about living in this great state, about his adoring wife and...

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Selectboard votes to trim length of minutes

Taxpayers who stay up-to-date on municipal happenings via meeting minutes may soon think the usually long-winded selectboard has become a lot less chatty. But fear not: members are still discussing agenda items at length – there’s just less written down. That’s because the selectboard directed recording secretary Saramichelle Stultz to cut meeting minutes by “succinctly record[ing] the salient points” of discussions, unanimously approving a town staff recommendation to tred closer to the statutory minimum. “Minutes should be not a transcript but a succinct summary,” selectwoman Elaine Sopchak said. Minutes serve as the permanent record, preserving a public body’s history...

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Town looks to address delays on Susie Wilson

The town of Essex will negotiate for some traffic-orientated changes on Susie Wilson Road with a developer looking to build on a long-idle property there. Public works director Dennis Lutz said he wants to use the anticipated development impact fees from that project, if approved, in addition to previously collected fees along the corridor. Those funds could allow the town to implement some new traffic technology and hardware along Susie Wilson Road and cut down delays. He outlined the developer’s plans for the selectboard during an executive session June 4, which he suggested because he didn’t want to disclose...

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House candidates file petitions

Two of Essex’s three legislative districts will offer contested elections this November, paperwork filed last week shows. Six people have filed between Essex Jct.’s 8-1 district and Essex’s 8-2 district by the May 31 deadline. Republican incumbent Linda Myers is seeking re-election to the Chittenden 8-1 district. Her former seatmate, Betsy Dunn (D), is stepping down so she can help take care of her sister, who has Alzheimer’s and lung cancer, she told The Reporter on Monday. “I can’t say when I’m just going to need to have to leave and be here,” she said in a phone interview...

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Wrenner sues town over sexual harassment records

Selectwoman Irene Wrenner is suing the town of Essex for refusing to share documents from last year’s sexual harassment investigation that began after she alleged “gender-based unprofessional conduct” by a high-level town employee, court records show. Though the case is a public records dispute at heart, Wrenner’s decision to sue effectively outs herself as a victim of alleged sexual harassment. Undoubtedly one of Essex’s most outspoken public officials, she said was hesitant to go public for fear of retribution from staff and her fellow board members. But Wrenner said she was emboldened by the #MeToo movement, the international push...

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Once, a Saint Michael's Playhouse ProductionCircus Smirkus at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds

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