A letter to the future

Brownell Library is sealing a time capsule this week as part of the Town of Essex’s celebration of its 250th anniversary. Below is The Essex Reporter’s contribution — along with our Aug. 15 edition of the newspaper — to be opened in August of 2063 on what will be the town’s 300th.


Well hello Essex residents of August, 2063!!

It is oddly thrilling to be addressing you, and The Essex Reporter staff is very curious if we should be calling you Essex residents, Essex Town residents, Village residents, or if you would at all recognize the phrasing: “the town outside the village.”

See, one of the primary issues in the Essex of the early 2000 millennium is how and whether to combine the overlapping municipalities of Essex Junction and Essex — or whether to separate them.

You should know that strides have been made in 2013 to combine Essex and Essex Junction into one unified community. For example, we now have a single municipal manager for both entities. Also, a citizens group has worked diligently over the past two years to identify the shared values of town and village residents and bring everybody a lot closer together.

So how has it all worked out, huh??

On the day this time capsule was sealed and placed out of reach in the Brownell Library reading room, we published this note to the opening party of 2063. We published it on The Essex Reporter’s website (www.essexreporter.com) as a blog post and printed a copy out to go with the Aug. 15, 2013, issue of our newspaper. If you would, take a moment to go to our website and search around until you find the blog. No luck? Well, we’d be unsurprised to learn that our blog, and all blogs, have been replaced by a new online writing format. At the time of this writing, the whole concept of “blogging” is perhaps 10 years old, and we are left to guess what it has evolved into in the fast-morphing world of online publishing. Whatever the format, we trust that the written word has maintained its place and that readers can easily find it.

You have in this capsule a physical copy of The Essex Reporter’s Aug. 15, 2013, edition. Is this “newspaper” recognizable to you? Are they still available on the streets of Essex and in the mailboxes of Essex residents? Do you still have mailboxes with a “Postal Worker” doing six-day-a-week drive-by deliveries??

So many questions …

Here’s hoping that a physical copy of the Aug. 15, 2063, edition of The Essex Reporter is readily available to you around town, and that the interest in community news is alive and well in Essex, the Village of Essex Junction and even in “the town outside the village” — if such cumbersome language is still necessary. Here’s hoping it isn’t.

Happy summer. Enjoy the fair!


The Essex Reporter

August, 2013