Fern — resurrected?

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Fun Fact: In 1997, the resurrection fern was taken into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery to watch its resurrection in zero gravity.
— National Wildlife Federation

In this Lenten time, it was quite appropriate that I was gifted a Resurrection Fern. Knowing nothing about this kind of fern, I happily accepted the gift last weekend. It appeared quite dead at first — dried and crispy, with little bits falling off here and there. The only instructions were to soak it in water for a full day and then plant.

Now my home is known for taking in plants that are dead, dying and otherwise maimed. With a bright window, careful watering and a little TLC, most of them come back to life and return to their original homes. So I had faith in the shriveled little fern I had taken in.

After a 36-hour bath, the little fern regained its green and started to look like a healthy plant. Turns out according to the National Wildlife Federation, this remarkable plant can lose up to 97 percent of its water content! By contrast, most other plants can only lose 10 percent of their water content before they die.

The fern is supposed to grow no larger than a foot, and needs a host plant or other substrate to anchor on. I planted the fern in sandy potting soil just to get the roots going and then I plan to anchor it to a mossy piece of bark — Oak would be best.

Happy gardening!

— Elsie

More info: http://www.nwf.org/Wildlife/Wildlife-Library/Plants/Resurrection-Fern.aspx


Soak, fern, soak!

Soak, Fern, soak!

A new potted home for Fern

A new potted home for Fern