A different kind of spring-cleaning…

From Advertising Representative Kelly Malone:



There may be blankets of snow from the recent blizzard, but we are near the end of March. Which means spring is coming! At the Essex Reporter, the Advertising Department has been abuzz with our latest Home Improvement special publishing April 18th. Naturally, it’s made me antsy: it’s time for my own home improvements.

This year, I decided my first-floor bathroom was in need of a remodel, so I put together a budget, made a list of to-dos and went to the hardware store to purchase supplies.  This has been my first hands-on experience with remodeling and every day I have learned something new.

Demolition Day

I put on my safety gear: gloves, eye protection, and mask – grabbed a hammer and started.

Down came the schoolhouse looking recessed ceiling!

Off came the tile — or should I say sheets of fake tile — on the walls!

(This project actually took some time because it was backed with cement.)

I’d never seen such a thick cement tile board. Why was it there?

Halfway there!

Halfway there!

I asked this question to Mr. Fix-It at Lowe’s in Essex Junction and he informed me that back in the 1970’s when the house was built, it was believed that this magical cement tile board was a better conductor for heat. This would explain the lack of heating ducts. No wonder it’s felt so cold on the second floor!

But there were more issues…

Behind the tile and bathroom vanity, I found some mold — the enemy of a nice, hot shower.

After a quick clean up, I reevaluated my plans and headed back to Lowe’s.

Mr. Fix-It was happy to see me again and was willing to share his knowledge of mold. This guy knew everything. Hours later, I was able to find cost effective solutions to rid our bathroom of mold. Armed with ideas to not only address the mold, Mr. Fix-It gave me solutions to fix the ducts, as well.

Come back next week to see how the rest of my project went!